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a love story

"The work that heals you is the work you end up doing in the world"
and just like that Yoga, personal development and seeing the big in the small was my work, my life, my passion and all I talk about. In my past I've known disconnection. From myself. My body. My family. My community. Until Yoga & therapy happened for me it was really dark.
It still is sometimes but today I see, hear, feel, know that the light is always right around the corner.

We heal. We hurt. Then heal a little more. Then hurt a little more. And eventually we can sit down as the creator of our own medicine and see how far we've come.

I consider it my finest mission in life to be here for those that tends to doubt their magic and has forgotten that miracles are found everywhere. Here for those who think they are not good enough for this world that constantly asks for more, or less, of them. Here to help you find your way to your gifts and your exact mission. Because YES you are so so gifted and we need exactly what you have to give. No one does it like you. No one.
I'm here to hold a space where it's ok to reach for joy. For the magic in the mundane.


My offerings stem from many years of education in body-work as well as knowledge of the mind. With a background in Physiotherapy from VIA University College, I have a deep understanding of creating safe circumstances for the body energetically as well as physically.
After years of struggling not just with my own body-imagine and endless injuries, but also with my mind in all of its forms, I decided to learn more about this inner Wisdom that the mind-body connection were hiding. In that I came to see that there might not even be a mind-body connection but that those two simply work as and are as ONE.
My true Self.
This led me to eight years of heartbreaking and heartmending Therapy, as well as Yoga and Mindfulness. I have hours earned and certifications from all of it, but what's most dear to me is the lived experience.
To truly grow we need two things: knowledge
and experience. Everyday I strive towards continuously achieving this. Staying curious. Whether it's lying in bed and feel the suffering on the hard days, sitting in silence or dancing and handstanding my way through life in lighter moments. It's all a part of it.

This is why I'm here for you.
To offer a sanctuary that you might haven't come across yet. To guide you in that moment of bliss there is to be found
- even in the pain. That moment of peace. With who you are and what you are here for.
I know that you are already perfect and lovable.
That you are beyond amazing-incredible-wow killing it.
You just forgot for a moment. Like all humans do.
I don't need to know you to say this.
We're the same, and I have unlimited faith in us all. Also you.
That's just how strong my love is.

If you're here for all of that - the big L O V E - I'm your girl.
Join me on a journey through stillness, writing, reading, singing, dancing and moving your body.
Because I know that there is a way out 
- and that way is in.
namasté & let's go.

did you know that I've been struggling with my mental health for almost as long as I can remember?

that I've been helped by therapists and coaches since I turned 20, and still goes several times a year. happily :)
that the one thing I could regret about my whole journey is, that I didn't find my way out sooner.
that I didn't ask for help sooner.
but also that I'm now living my dream.

doing absolutely everything that I love to do and the way I love to do it.
despite of all those challenges.
because of all those challenges.
I know this sounds cliché but babe, if I can do it. so can you. 
find your way out.

if it's with my support, or someone else's doesn't matter. just that you find it.

read more about how to be supported by me here.

reach out and lets chat!

you can send me a massage using the form to the right, or just type in world's longest e-mail address.

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