1:1 coaching

Read all about my MADE FOR MORE-coaching offer HERE.

This is the offer for you that are ready to commit to grow into yourself and your full potential. To see all the magic that you are really made for. 

A contract of three months and three different programs to choose from, ensuring that the habits are for YOU and that they're here to stay. 

I can't wait to hear from you.
Application & more here

1:1 Yoga-teacher

I'm offering newer teachers a helping hand to start their career as a Teacher of Yoga in all from marketing, job applications, your WHY and your WAY. 


Maybe you're already teaching but feel insecure in terms of anatomy, adjustments or the build-up of your classes. Maybe you're not teaching yet and the whole world of Yoga seems intimidating to just throw yourself into. 


In these times where Instagram and "nomade-Yogis" seems to be everywhere, it can indeed be overwhelming to get going. That's why I'm here to support you every step of the way. I've been through it and always continued to stay true to myself.
More info on the coaching-program HERE.

1:1 physical Yoga

I offer 1:1 practice-sessions virtually and in person. This is really the time where I get to know a student and follow their journey on a close hold. All to be able to guide specifically you and your body.


Since my background as a Physiotherapist I respect the 1:1 work with all my being, so you can be assured that I have your back 100% and will do my finest to guide you safely to where you aspire to go.

I know from experience that it can be hard to get exact guidance, to advance in postures or to ask questions in public classes. So if you're feeling stuck, in doubt or in pain during your physical practice and are in need of something more, this is the offer for you. 

public classes

Community is everything to me. I enjoy building them, participating in them as well as seeing them flower from a distance. Practicing next to like minded souls is just extra special.

Currently my main community is virtual. It's called Morning Club and consists of 50 women from all over the world practicing together twice a week. They help each other, and me, get out of bed and throw some sparkles on their day.
Check out my blogpost about MC here!
Check out FAQ about MC here!

Virtually or in real life, classes where I feel a connection with & between the people participating must be the most beautiful thing I get to witness on a regular basis. Yoga. Union. Yum.




  • 1*60 minutes Yoga-lesson:
    500 dkk/65 euro    

  • 3*60 minutes Yoga-lesson:
    1200 dkk/160 euro


  • Coaching and mentoring program specified HERE.

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