about SelfCareSeries

about SelfCareSeries
about SelfCareSeries

the world will tell us to "take better care of ourselves" - but how do we do that?
when the world never taught us how to take care.

when the world never supported this care-taking.


if you are finding yourself chained to the bed every now and then
stuck in anxiety and feeling sick in your body
then you are not alone

people might tell you to just go do the things that for sure will make you feel better
be in nature
take deep breaths
all that

but on some days even this is impossible.
and for those days, the SelfCareSeries and myself is now there to hold your hand


it is
meditation for days where you cannot meditate

movement for the days where you cannot move

support for those moments where poeple tell us to "just take better care" 
and we answer crying "but how?!"

this series is there to pause in that moment before things got better.
before you learned how to take better care.
this Series is here to be there for you whilst the storm is brewing 

it is there to guide you home to your true nature of worthyness and belonging
- even when it is all too much and you feel far from home.

you are loved and you are cared for. now.

about SelfCareSeries

In the Series you will receive nothing short of 10 videos

all created from my heart to yours


the videos consists of the following headlines:


"Movement for the days where you can't move"

it is there to support you in moving gently. because yes. it does make us feel better. but it's not always that we can actually leave our bed. it's not always that we can just attend that online class or go for a run. therefore, this is movement for you laying in bed. 



"A moment of okayness"

Tender Loving Care for the days where everything feels too much. This is the number one softening that I have used in my own journey through oceans of overwhelment. Not to necessarily create a great day - but just to create space for a day. This is a moment of okay-ness with gentle breaths and mild shift of focus.



"Meditation for days where you can't meditate"

this mindful moment is created based on a psychological tecnique called the "choose again"-method. It's for the days where your mind is spiraling out of control and it feels impossible just to be right where you are. Here.



"Even though I am anxious - I deeply love and accept myself"

this video is a guided tapping practice, based on the tecnique called Emotional Freedom Tecnique (EFT). It's a tecnique that has saved me from full blown anxiety attacks mulitiple times. However I realized in being taught this tecnique how much I wished that someone was there to guide me through it. So I didn't have to do it all alone. It didn't exist, so here we go. Holding hands through the darkest of moments. 



"Sadness isn't ME - it is something moving through me"

another guided video of tapping and the Emotional Freedom Teqnique. However, this video is based on relief for depressive days and sadness that feels stuck. It is there to support you in first and foremost acknowledging your sadness, and since then create just a little bit of relief from it. It is possible. I promise you and I'm there for you.



"People pleasing is a survival skill"

this is a educational talk on how SelfCare and people pleasing is deeply connected. This video is there to offer you knowledge on the days where putting up boundaries and actually prioritizing your Self feels impossible. There's a reason for that and you're not alone. A journal prompt/reflection moment will be offered at the end of this video to support you even after the video is watched.



"My body doesn't feel safe - why?"

an educational talk based on the science behind our nervous systems. There is a reason why resting feels so HARD on certain days. Not just for your mind but also physically and this video is there to educate you and give you a bit of explanation on WHY. We need to learn how to speak the language of our bodies to truly rest and I'm so proud of you for diving into that with this video. How magical. A journal prompt/reflection moment will be offered at the end of this video to support you even after the video is watched.



"Dear Universe. I need your help"

this video is a guided prayer to the Universe. I get how that can sound super woo woo and make you look away but babe - don't look away from this. Sometimes woo woo is magic and asking for help and guidance from something bigger than us can be a huge helping factor in those moments where it feels like the weight of the world is too heavy. Miracles await on the other side of this one.



"I get that you're worried - understanding our inner child"

an educational talk on how to communicate with our worried thoughts. In those moments where our minds are so busy, we can't sleep and we straight up just feel overwhelmed it can feel impossible to take pressure off. The guidance I'm offering in this video was given to my by my own therapist and has supported me through many moments of dispair ever since. A journal prompt/reflection moment will be offered at the end of this video to support you even after the video is watched.



"It's ok to feel good right now"

reaching for joy and gratitude is definitely not possible everyday but for the days where you're in need of a visit from her magic, this video is here to support you. It is for you who has worked through some hard times and are missing that little spark of inner glitter. I'm honored that you have even made it to this video. Joy is no easy task. It's hard fucking work but you're doing it. Wauw.

the story behind SelfCareSeries

The SelfCareSeries has sprung from my own story with mental health hardships. They've been a part of me for as long as I can remember. The seemingly casual "not good enougness" turned into an ED, which turned into anxiety, which turned into changing my life and the way I lived it. Being chained to my bed and living in emotional solitude smashed my feelings into my face, and I realized that I was gonna miss out on life if I kept living it the way I thought I needed to live it to fit in. It was too hard to live that way. It didn't bring me joy. It didn't bring me healing.

Through therapy and traveling I learned that the sensitivity I otherwise hated and would have traded away for anything else really was a gift. It's a burden too. Sometimes at least. But at the end of the day, and right now as I'm writing this my sensitivity and my way of walking in the world is a gift. Because for this exact moment is has brought me to you. You reading this right now. Maybe because you're curious, maybe because you're on a similar journey as myself and maybe because you're looking for healing. Either way, I am so WOW-over the moon-amazed that you found your way here. Being willing to feel better is the biggest fucking step we can take, and I'm honored to be a part of your journey.



Let's go.
This is the SelfCareSeries.
xx Nanna

reach out and lets chat!

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