what is the offer & who is it for?

Do you ever find yourself Self-sabotaging? Is overthinking holding you back? Are you scared of what others will think - or what you will think - if you take a leap of faith to get out of your own way? Does rest or embodied practices feel impossible  due to headaches or is perfectionism keeping you in the shadow rather than in the light?
Do you physically hate your body and how she looks?
Well then this offer is for you.

I call it the the MADE FOR MORE-coaching offer.
 Because basically, it's about exploring all the wonderful amazing WOW things that you're made for. It's about YOU getting support to see what else is out there for you. That your life don't have to be filled up with anxiety, stress and perfectionism to function. There is another way. There is more. Now, this is not about you not being enough as you are. In fact, it's about the complete opposite.
You can never not be enough. It's not possible.


This offer is here to guide you home to that infinite power that lies in YOU. Did you ever love to paint? Or to write? Or to dance? Or some other thing that made you feel so alive and for a second forget about the world's should's and shouldn'ts? Yea. It's that thing. It's that feeling. Because you DO deserve to feel that for at least one moment during your day. It's a human right to feel FREE. Did you know that?

That feeling. Of freedom. It's yours.
The feeling that allows you to step closer to you and learn what else is behind your job, your look, your clothes, your body and the numbers associated with your name. Because GOSH there's so much more. I know that. Now this offer is here to guide you, until you know it yourself.
I believe that you hold all of the answers to your wildest and mildest dreams, but you just need someone to ask the right questions. Now that's where I come in.

This offer is for you who might be feeling stuck. Who might be in a season of change and not sure what the next step is. Who is feeling overwhelmed in their lives and in need of someone who really has the time to listen. It is for you who is ready for change. Who is willing to feel better and ready to step into some uncertain ground under the guidance of me. It's for you who feel so fucking ready to meet your true Self and say fuck to all those stories that have been limiting you for too long.
In short. It's for you.
This offer is for you.
It's for no one else.



There is three different roads to take in the MADE FOR MORE-coaching program.
They are similar, and yet slightly different.

1:1 "I'm willing to feel different"

For the personal life change. For the Self-sabotage and not-enoughness. For the (to be) recovering perfectionists.
For the ones that are scared of asking for help because it will be a sign of weakness.
For you saying:
"I need to practice Selfcare." "I'm so hard on myself but not on anyone else, and I don't know why."
"If I'm less than perfect, I'll not be good enough." "Everything is too much but I can't cut something out."

1:1 "I dream of something bigger"

For the Yoga teacher trying to get a new teaching job but unaware of their mission and how to translate it to their future students. For the entrepreneur or Self-employed that are not sure how to show up as who they really are in their business, on their website, on Social Media etc. 
For you saying:
"I want to teach, preach, do more or do different." "I want to fuck up the system and make myself happy MY way."
"There must be more for me than they taught us." "I have a dream and I just need help to get started."

1:1 "My body is not an apology"

For the humans with pain in their bodies that are holding the back from thriving.  For those suffering from headaches and migraines. For those with an exhausting amount of "bad" body days. For those wondering if they're suffering from disordered eating or exercising. For those longing to feel like themselves physically.
For you saying:
"I hate my body." "As soon as I start thriving, a headache knocks me back to square one."
"My heart is beating so fast even doing nothing all day." "I just need to lose five kilos and it will be better."

For all three offers, you will receive client-agreement on paper that lasts for three whole months.
All the time for all the goodness!
During these three months you will:

 Have six calls/meetings with me each of 60 minutes duration.

 Receive unlimited guidance, question-asking and conversation between the calls via mail or message. Big & small stuff is always welcome! We are in it together!

Create new, lasting habits under my FULL support.

Take brilliant steps towards finding out how incredible you really are, and all the good there is for you in this life.

Now. Now. Now.

frequently asked questions:

I'm feeling nervous about pursuing this. Can you help me?
I don't know if you'll ever feel super ready to get started with something like this. I know I felt super nervous when I met my first mentor. I kinda knew that this step was needed for me to start feeling better. But I was oh, so nervous. Sometimes it was even really hard for me to show up to our appointments, but the more I did show up the more I learned to trust again. In love. In people. In myself and my dreams.
If you're in doubt of booking because you never did something like this before, look. I get it.
I really do. Take your time.
If you in one moment of bravery decides to reach out to me and send me that message,
I promise I will be taking all the care of you. 

Read more about me and my story here.


I have never had a coach before - why do I need one now?

To be fair. Maybe you don't. But if you've never had someone outside of your personal life supporting you, you don't know what it's like until you've tried it, right? Sometimes it can be so valuable to have someone to talk to, that has absolutely no bias or *personal* interests in your stories.

How does a coaching session normally go? What does it look like?

A session is normally around 60 minutes. We catch up on the most current issue or question you might have. Then there's a lot of talking. Then moments of stillness. In feeling whatever is happening after all those words. Then possibly some follow up on other questions or little homework tasks from earlier. If you're experiencing pains in the physical body (breath, headaches etc.), and we've earlier made this our focus, we will have time for more felt experiences.

I am scared that it will all be too deep and I can't handle it. What should I do?

First of all. This fear is very normal. Sometimes we're very scared of asking help because it seems too scary to look into whatever is going on in your life. It's okay to be scared for this. Please know, that when hiring me as a coach I will be supporting you throughout any insights. For many it's a very important part of their coaching-experience too to realize, that it's ok to feel deep. That feelings are not bad. And that if something big comes up, this is a great opportunity to learn how to ask for comfort with family or friends in between the sessions and explorations. And last but not least, to experience that this thing that you've been unwilling to feel might hold the very answer you've been looking for.

Is it worth all the tears and healing work?

The journey is long. But the reward is so great I can't even tell you. You need to feel it. You deserve to feel it.

I'm struggling financially but I really need to commit to this. What do I do?

I'm very proud of you for realizing that this might be a thing that is holding you back. Money stories are one of a kind and can be super triggering. Both mentally and - of course - also literally sometimes.
Trust me, I've been familiar with that feeling up until I started doing my own thing and actually pursuing my dreams. 
This program is an investment that, if you want it to, potentially can help you experience abundance financially (which I would love for you if it's a part of your goal-setting!).
Therefore, try to think of it, as something that will come back to you. There's enough money in the world. Also for you. 

Till you fully believe and feel that, I am very open to help you if you need a different payment-plan than the ones that are offered in the bottom of this page. Please just let me know, so we can find a way that suits you.
I am here for you. No matter the 000 in your bank account. It's PEOPLE over profit in this business.

Is it all super hard work that's fucking annoying to do?
Haha. NO. It is not. There is so much yummy goodness to explore in these coaching-sessions. Imagine finally taking time and investing in YOUR wellbeing. It's really delicious actually. It might not be it from the get go but there's so so much magic awaiting inside of you (well it's not all magic, it's basically about changing your hormones to a more alkaline and balanced environment for you to thrive in physically and mentally. Like that you WILL feel like something straight up magical happened).

Ok. I'm ready! What's next?

Check out the steps and application-form form below. In case of more specified support, use the contact form here.


I'm almost ready! Can I talk to you before starting?
Omg YES you can. Use the contact form here, ask about a call and I will be of service. No worries. You're doing great!


Fill out the application form and wait for my response.
Usually I get back to you within
1-2 business days.
(also be really proud of yourself for this first step!)


I respond and we get talking YAY! Maybe you have some questions. Maybe I have some questions. We figure those out, so everyone is happy and feel safe.
(you almost got yourself a coach by now!)


First discover-call. 

A 60 minute call that's there for you to learn a bit more about what this coaching is all about.
It can be our only call or the first of many.

(This is the one where you might get a little nervous but you're doing great!)


Assuming that all is well and you're ready to explore the made for more-side of yourself, this is where I send the client-agreement and you make your first payment. 
(You almost have your very own coach and are starting a very exciting journey. Hold on!)


Once your payment has gone through you now have a coach and are stepping fully in to getting out of your own way. We set up another time for our next call, and there you go.
What a beautiful thing!

(Well done. I'm so proud of you!)

If not now. Then when?

Leave your info and claim your spot for spring '21

Investment details

MADE FOR MORE-package: three month contract, unlimited support and six calls/meetings of 60 min. duration. Price for 
full package and full support: 400 Euro

60 min. discover-call in case you don't wish to get the full support the MADE FOR MORE-package has to offer: 75 Euro

Extra single 60 min. sessions: 65 euro

Payment plans for the full package:
Pay full amount in once and get 8% discount.

Pay 50 % of full price after signed contract and other 50 % halfway through the contract.

reach out and lets chat!

you can send me a massage using the form to the right, or just type in world's longest e-mail address.

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