MADE FOR MORE - the retreat edition

I know that you are magical beyond all imagination. This 4-days/3-nights retreat is here to show you, so you know it yourself. you are made. for. more
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when and where am I going?

Oct 08, 2020, 2:00 PM – Oct 11, 2020, 2:00 PM
Mellem-rummet, Samsø, Holmslund Holmevej 3, Tanderup, 8305 Samsø, Danmark

what's this all really about?

This retreat will dive into all things magical inside of you.

I'm well aware that all day everyday cannot be unicorns, glitter and rainbows but I'm a firm believer

that for at least one moment everyday the weight of the world should feel lighter on your shoulders.

Now imagine four days of that.

Four days where I, and our amazing hosts at Mellemrummet Retreat Center, takes care of all the external stuff.

And in the meantime you just do you.

Everyday we will be practicing Yoga, of course, but also writing, talking, dancing and walking in nature.

This retreat is not for me. It's for you. Yea, you babe.

Therefore you will be asked a few questions about your needs and dreams when you sign up for this course.

Like that I will gather a bucket of words and wishes from the collective, to help shape the retreat exactly like you could only imagine it.

I believe that the more seen we feel as humans, the more we're able to show up as our highest of selves.

Just like we were able to do as kids.

Before the world taught us what's cool/uncool. What we're worthy of. How we should look. etc.

The world is more of an oyster when we approach it with a childlike sensibility.

It's a kinder place. A more curious place.

A place where we get to see that we really are made for more.

That there can be more to this life than rigid routines, energy-vampires and dragging our cute lil asses out of bed in the morning.

I believe there's more to it.

More to life.

More to you.

If you do the same, or at least feel curious about it, then please consider this an invitation to come home to your Self.

I hold space for EVERYONE. Wall flowers and wild women. I see you all.

I am you all.

This will be the coziest, yet most groundbreaking retreat of them all.

A true homecoming through so much more than Asanas.

I give you my promise that I will create a safe space, where we can tap into the feeling of being MORE than we tend to shrink ourselves down to. Because *deep breath* WOW babes, we deserve to enter the darker season with a whole lot of lightness in our hearts.

This is gonna be my first time hosting a retreat in Denmark, and I've heard that this is the experience I'll remember more than any of the others to come.

Therefore I know it's gonna be extra special and I'm so excited for you to join me.

The retreat is open for women of all practice-levels, bodytypes, ages and life experiences!

For more specific information on the program, the location and the guidings, then go ahead and keep scrolling down this page.

If you're still left with questions or concerns after taking it all in, just shoot me a message and I'll get back to you asap.

I am here.

All the love,


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Del denne begivenhed

the details

daily offerings

  • 7.00-8.00 quiet time, morning tea, journaling

  • 8.00-10.00 morning practice, breath, meditation

  • 10.00-11.00 breakfast, laughs, hugs

  • 11.30-14.00 workshops, gatherings

  • 14.00-15.00 lunch, quiet/alone-time if needed

  • 15.00-16.30 walks, chats, wishes

  • 16.30-19.00 workshops, gatherings

  • 19.00-20.00 dinner, chats, thank you's

  • 20.00+ goodnight gathering, ceremony

On the day of arrival (around 16.00 o'clock) and the day of departure (also around 16.00) the program will look different. There will however, be a YUM practice on both of those days and proper ceremonies with all the sparkles imaginable.
Know always that this is your time and you can spend it 100% like you prefer it to.

the practice

The practices will have their foundation in Vinyasa-style but with time and space for explorations of all kinds! The physical practice is the space where we invite the knowledge of the body to speak its language and to bring to surface what's yet unconscious for us.

Every practice will be followed by meditation and pranayama for a full circle experience. We are not "just" our physical bodies. There's also the energetic body as well as the emotional body. We will meet every layer of our Being in these practices.

For afternoon- and evening workshops we will touch down on Yoga-philosophy but also expression, writing, Satsang-gatherings and selfcare practices. The main goal for each of these sessions are that you get to explore multiple parts of the amazing You that you are, and the different ways to meet her.
Don't underestimate yourself if you are moving gently.

the space.jpg
the space 3.jpg
 the space

living & shala

food & drinks

On a small island, in a small country, only a short ferry-ride away from either Hou or Kalundborg a magical place has its roots. Hidden away between fields and trees lies Mellem-rummet.

"The space in between."

Which is exactly what it is. That peaceful moment between the thoughts. That restful pause after the exhale and right before the inhale. This is where we shall stay. Resting in simple surroundings and esthetics to allow full focus on the Journey itself.

The shala is as beautiful as it gets and has this sanctuary-feel to it. Her light yet strong frame will create the perfect frame for each practice and gathering. Darkness tends to be overwhelming in October but in this this space, we will get to see our inner flame light it all up.
Mellem-rummet is only a short walk from the ocean, as well as a hidden beach, where we will frolic and feel for ourselves what this life is really about.

Of course we will also be taking the best care possible of our physical vessel. Whenever our bodies, as well as minds, are working hard, we need to feed it accordingly. How we eat and drink is such a nurturing way of respecting the whole Self that we are.
For this retreat you will get 3 meals/day - all vegan/vegetarian from locally sourced produce around Samsø. Just beautiful! Throughout the entire day there will also be access to tea, coffee ( I see you coffee-drinkers!), fruit and light snacks. 

more about Mellem-rummet:

ferry tickets from Jylland:

ferry tickets from Sjælland:

teacher 2.jpg
the teacher


Nanna came across Yoga in 2015 and used it as a complimentarary practice to her Crossfit and weightlifting practice after too many injuries and too little caretaking. Life as a personal trainer and crossfit/fitnesstrainer was a lot on the body. About a year later, Nanna literally dropped the weights and surrendered fully to the path of Yoga. From early on it became a daily ritual and a way of finding her way home. A home that she had never experienced like this before.

In combination with her degree as a Physical Therapist from VIA University College, where she was missing more knowledge on the subtle energies as well as the human mind, Yoga became the thing that allowed her profession to go full circle.

Since then Nanna has taken more than 300+ hours in official Yoga Teacher Training, an 8-week mindfulness course and 100+ hours in workshops from different teachers around the world. Nanna has taught 2000+ hours in studios since she started teaching Yoga in 2017 and is all about the felt experience more than anything else.

the guiding

Nanna's thoughts on guiding Asana is pretty simple. She considers the combination of movement and breath a way to keep life flowing through us. It helps us feeling our bodies in ways no other movement-style does. Asana-practice with Nanna is therefore a combination of thorough anatomic cues to move the body in a safe way and also connecting to that special energy that's always bubbling within you.

She don't really care about how flexible you are or how long you can invert yourself for. She cares more about how you hold yourself. How you use the physical practice to move in direction of whatever seduces your lungs. The simple fact that we're able to breathe and move is an epiphany of magical systems in place - Nanna sees Asana as a way of honoring that.

Whether you find yourself under the guidance of Nanna in a physical, a mental or a philosophical setting, expect to be challenged. Expect new ways of looking at yourself, your world and the way you move in it. She's gonna be there for every step of the way.

Nanna holds a love for you and a deep belief in you from the second you're under her wing. She has your back and she's here to guide you until you have it for yourself as well.

reach out and lets chat!

you can send me a massage using the form to the right, or just type in world's longest e-mail address.

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